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Shenius and LTL Consulting and Coaching

Shenius and L.T.L. Consulting and Coaching have partnered to offer you transformational career services. While Shenius provides services that assist with the technical aspect of your career transformation, we offer transformational career services. 


Our mission is to provide career and mindset coaching to transform the professional in you to achieve your professional goals and reap the rewards. 

Career Coaching is offered at $75 per 60-minute session

During our career coaching sessions, we work together in identifying your work interest, skills, and work values. During these sessions, resources and tools are provided for you to map our a plan to acquire those skills and utilize them effectively. 

Mindset/Life Coaching is offered at $85 per 60-minute session

During our mindset coaching sessions, we are working to discover your beliefs, behaviors and thought patterns in order to identify what is beneficial and what is detrimental to your self growth. In addition to that we practice and master new ways to be more intentional in mindset shaping.

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