About Me: Author, Celebrity Baker, Business Mindset Coach

Meet Nikki B.

Nikki Bryan is an author, business mindset coach and celebrity baker at her online bakery D'Delicious Delicacies. A 5 star bakery that specializes in dessert cakes with an island flair. In addition to those amazing titles, she also holds a Bachelors in Business Supervision and Management and currently enrolled to obtain her Masters in I/O Psychology. As an ambitious goal setter, goal getter entrepreneur she has been featured in Voyage Magazine, Shoutout Magazine and various blogs and podcasts. Her bakery has also been featured in The Knot wedding magazine.

Nikki is a firm believe in breaking the chains on spiritual traditions and building a foundation outside of the box. Through her endeavors she has gained knowledge on business, society, herself and the universe. Through her writings and products, her sole intention is to share her knowledge and expertise with like minded individuals by influencing and inspiring them to create the life they desire and deserve.  


Create Your Own Magic

Create Your Own Magic, is my first book that was released November 13th, 2020. Create Your Own Magic is an interactive book of affirmation that will guide readers on the path to affirming the life they want, creating the space for it to be, and watching it manifest. Since it's release, it has been transforming and saving lives (literally). I am proud to say that it has been truly fulfilling it's purpose. Create Your Own Magic landed shelf space at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and I am extremely proud of that as well.


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Nikki Bryan

Author, Business Mindset Coach and Celebrity Baker.









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