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Limited to Limitless Consulting and Coaching Firm, is a space for executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives to consult with an expert in mindset shifts and resets. Focusing on you as the leader and creative, as well as your goals! 


Limited to Limitless Consulting and Coaching Firm was founded by Nikki Bryan, a published author, I/O Psychologist, executive, and mindset coach. Nikki understands that in order to create the professional or personal life that you deserve and desire, it starts with your mindset. She is here to take you from a limited to a limitless mindset, one session at a time! 


Through her personal and professional endeavors she has gained knowledge and expertise in business, the inner-workings of one's mindset, and our ever-changing society. If you are an executive, entrepreneur or creative looking to gain a limitless mindset and shift your life and or business to a higher level, book a consultation now!

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Meet Nikki B.

Nikki Bryan is an author, I/O Psychology Practitioner, and mindset coach specializing in assisting executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives in shifting their mindset from limited to limitless. She has a Bachelor's in Business Supervision and Management, her Master's in I/O Psychology and she is a certified coach. As an ambitious goal setter, goal-getter entrepreneur she has been featured in Voyage Magazine, Shoutout Magazine, Pretty Women Hustle Magazine, and various blogs and podcasts.


In addition to this, Nikki is known as a celebrity baker at her online bakery D'Delicious Delicacies. A 5-star bakery that specializes in dessert cakes with an island flair. Her bakery has also been featured in The Knot wedding magazine.


Through her endeavors she has gained knowledge on leadership, business, society, and the innerworkings of our subconscious mind. Through her coaching and writings, her sole intention is to share her knowledge and expertise with others by inspiring and empowering them to create the life they desire and deserve

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Create Your Own Magic

Create Your Own Magic, is an interactive book of affirmations that has been transforming lives since it's fall release in 2020. Readers have been saying that it is a book that they didn't know that they needed.  Create Your Own Magic was created a s a guide to teach readers the truth about manifestation and how important self-love and belief is to manifestation.


The author, Nikki Bryan, believes that us as powerful being should be affirming the life they want, creating the space for it to be, and watching it manifest. We are proud to say that Create Your Own Magic has been truly fulfilling it's purpose. Landing shelf space at Barnes and Noble Bookstores, as well as being featured on Inside South Florida on WSFL-TV.


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Nikki Bryan

Author, Business Mindset Coach and Celebrity Baker.








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