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Fill in the Gap 5 day Challenge

For the month of October, Affirm. Create. Manifest. is hosting a 5-day challenge, Fill in the Gap.  From Thursday,  October 12th to Monday, October 16th. 

This challenge is for anyone who would spend time praying and or meditating to set their intentions. During this challenge, we will be asking the most high (whomever that may be for you) to fill the gap.


If you have been putting in effort on a new project but you keep coming up short, this challenge is for you.  If you have been making plans but they seem to keep falling apart or not going the way you intended, this challenge is for you. If you simply just feel like something is missing, this challenge is for you. 

Each day you will receive via text message:

  • a daily affirmation or declaration

  • journal prompt or prayer 

Challenge Kick off will be Thursday 10/12 at 10 am via zoom


At the end of the challenge you will receive an email with all of the challenge information that was shared. Join the challenge down below.  

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