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The Power of positive thinking. You have not because you ask not!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Have you heard the phrase, "You have not because you ask not"? Well, it is actually a very popular bible verse that Steve Harvey and many other celebrities actually reference. The bible verse reads, " You are jealous and covet what others have and your lust goes unfulfilled, so you murder: You are envious and cannot ibtain the object of your envy so you fight and battle. You do not have because you do not ask for it from God".

Powerful right? This past week I did a 3 day series in my facebook group, Affirm.Create.Manifest. on covering this topic. I broke it down into 3 days because before you can successfully ask for anything, you have to do some self work. Why? Well, the bible scripture goes onto say, "You ask God for something and do not receive it because you ask with wrong motives".

You have not because you ask not.. but obviously you've got to make some changes first. On the first day we covered renewing our mindset. You will be tested and your mind is usually the weakest link. So you have to change your mindset and begin by removing any negative thoughts or motives. As you remove negativity from your mind, replace it with positive thoughts and affirmations.

On day two we covered renewing and cleansing our spirit. Many people think that the process stops at asking for our minds to be renewed. But we also have to be able to trust our spirit. We all know that there is a greater being over us and I believe that this greater being gives us power within. We just have to learn how to operate as the spiritual beings that we are. We have to learn how to decipher when our spirit is talking to us and learn to trust it. We have to learn to protect our being and keep it pure to attract the things we deserve and desire in life.

Day three was the BIG day! I challenged the group members to remove the word just from their vocabulary. Join our Facebook group to find out why.

As always, remember to Affirm the life you want, Create the space for it to be, and you'll Manifest it!

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