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We made it, let's celebrate 2022!

Wow, we made it to a new year. THANK YOU, GOD! It is such a blessing to have made it to 2022, and I am happy that you are here with me. I know last year got a little hectic and life just kept doing its own thing but I am here now.

I have so many great things in store for 2022, but I am aiming to enjoy the moments one at a time. This week we will be enjoying the moment of my very first book signing. As you all know, my book Create Your Own Magic was released November 13th, 2020, and that same month Barnes and Noble picked it up to be carried in several of their stores here in South Florida and Georgia. What a blessing that was to gain shelf space at the renowned Barnes and Noble during a worldwide Pandemic. That means that I can reach more individuals in helping them manifest the life they deserve and they desire.

And this Saturday I will be at Barnes and Noble Pembroke Gardens with my amazing publishing company, Molding Messengers Publishing. If you haven't received a signed copy of Create Your Own Magic, come on out this Saturday, January 8th from 2 pm to 6 pm. Get your copy and take a picture with your girl, Nikki B.

I am super excited to see you all.

As always, affirm the life that you want, create the space for it to be and it'll manifest.

-Nikki B.

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