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Affirm the life you want, Create the space for it to be, and it'll Manifest!

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What has Affirm.Create.Manifest. done for me...

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Meet the Creator & Host, Nikki Bryan

Nikki Bryan is an author and business mindset coach here to guide and motivate individuals in manifesting the life they deserve and desire. She authored Create Your Own Magic, a 60 day interactive book of affirmations with the intention of helping others along their self love and manifestation journey. Within Create Your Own Magic and her blogs, Nikki shares how she has built her own business, a 5 star online bakery D'Delicious Delicacies by utilizing the same manifestation tools.

She created Affirm. Create. Manifest. as the community brand to educate and unite like minded individuals on manifesting the life they desire. 



Affirm. Create. Manifest. is a worldwide lifestyle brand connecting with its consumers and users digitally, promoting self-love, healing, and growth to manifest the life that they deserve and they desire.


Our vision is to create a safe space digitally and physically for individuals on their spiritual journey to connect with others like them while providing knowledge and understanding of the world through our entertainment services. Our mission is to promote self-love, healing, and growth by motivating and inspiring users to manifest the life they deserve and desire.


 Within the brand we have a free Facebook support group where we all connect freely. Witin the group you can also catch LIVE broadcast motivational sessions from Nikki Bryan. We also have a  blog and podcast (coming soon) where the host Nikki Bryan and guests share their personal truths, experiences and thoughts on manifestation, spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships and securing the bag.

Affirm. Create. Manifest. also has apparel and notebooks available for purchase. In Fall of 2022, the brand will have an app available for download. 


"Affirm the life you want, Create the space for it to be, and you'll Manifest it."

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