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You're a BIG Deal

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

"I knew one day I would do it real big."

Ya'll know I love me some Nipsey Hu$$le Victory Lap album and Real Big is one of my favorite songs on the album. I believe I mentioned before that his album is what got me through finishing my book, Create Your Own Magic. The energy from the songs did something to me, especially Real Big.

White Angel x Nikki Bryan

In the song he talks about the experiences of where he came from and how no one understood his plans, yet everything he said manifested. He literally became this self made legend that he always knew he would be.

This could literally be anybody doing it real big. But you have got to start by speaking it into existence and creating the space for it to be. In my Facebook group, Affirm. Create. Manifest., I am constantly telling my members not to use the word little. It's not a little job, a little business, a little promotion, a little weight loss. We're omitting the word little from our vocabulary because nothing is little. I understand that society has us using the word little as a filler but let's not forget that words have power. And by continuing to use the word little we are minimizing whatever comes after it. But we're a BIG deal, YOU'RE a BIG deal, I'M a BIG deal and we're going to do it REAL BIG!

If you truly believe that with all that you have inside of you, keep speaking that. Nip said, "Can't even see the stars but we still wish". Yeah some days it may be hard to envision it all but baby still wish. Still dream big, affirm big and create the space for it to be.

Recently, my husband gifted me with a new car, a 2021 Lexus to be exact. If you know me then you know it was a struggle for me to even agree to it plus I loved my Toyota. But sitting in my new car and accepting all the BIG things coming to me, it felt great and still does. It feels familiar! You know why? Because this is what I spoke into existence, this is what my karma says I deserve and it's apart of my BIG story.

I have done some amazing things in my life thus far and I don't make it a big deal as often as I should. But for the rest of 2020 and beyond, EVERYTHING is going to be a BIG deal. Are you with me? Because I'm making noise for you too!

As always affirm the life you want, create the space for it to be, and you'll manifest it.


Nikki B.

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